GPA 1 - Halloween '17

Welcome to "Giving the Pen Away"!

This comic represents the first time I'm experimenting with the idea of letting someone else take control of Cyborg Serum. Sometimes the world of CS leads other minds to places that I'm just not aware of. I love this idea. I love the execution. I'm not sure what everything in the picture is, but I love that, too?

It's nearing Halloween and Kizz looks like he's getting dressed up. Who else is scarier than Grendel himself? Have you seen his hair? But apparently not everyone knows who Grendel is! ... They should visit my website more often, am I right?

This comic is done by the one and only Rensheil, the sole inspiration to get Cyborg Serum started. So it suits that she's the first one to contribute. Please, show your love. I know I do.

#GPA #wednesday #archive #weekly

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