25 - Spam, Not The Meat

Okay... so it's a start. We've begun our transcendence of the Original 24. It's... refreshing. Drawing out the sketches was great, because I had an outline to go by. I had a plan laid out for me. But I was also confined to it's predetermined layout, for the most part. Over the course of the 24 drawings, I felt... like I'd grown a little, or was ready to do a little more maneuvering of my own.

I didn't feel comfortable doing that.

But that freedom is thus returned. In a sense, I can recreate what I created so long ago... re-imagine it. That's what the videos have allowed me to do, but I feel like it's still different than just drawing something for a comic. I don't know. We shall see. Freedom is here, the reigning king, and who am I to deny it?

Also, is anyone else loving this blue couch or what?

#archive #weekly #wednesday

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