Video Friday 10 - Dark Places

Every now and then, we find ourselves in the dark places of our hearts. Sometimes, whilst in those places, we say things that may be hurtful. Grendel doesn't need to be in that dark place to say mean things. But even if he does, sometimes he doesn't mean them. I am not Grendel.

I regrat nuthing.

Here's a tidbit... I come up with these videos every week, and sometimes things come up, or I don't have enough time to do them. In my mind, this video seemed like a great way to cheese my way through Friday. Boy, was I wrong. I made a lot of mistakes in the momentum to try and put a rush on it. That said, I can at least say I learned some things in the rush to be unorthodox for myself. So... in the dark places, there's bright side of things.

Boom. Life lessons.

#archive #video #friday #weekly

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