Video Friday 8 - One Little Cyborg

One little cyborg, jumping on the bed... Scarf tells him to knock it off. I've been wanting to work my way towards these fellas since the beginning. This ended up being a fun little test drive and a step in the right direction. I always wanted to use my beautiful daughter's cutesy little voice for Kizz, and there you have it!

(She's been my #1 fan! She's been quoting lines even from VF0: "Grab my scarf...!")

She had fun recording, but it's all just fun and games until she gets to see her own voice on the video. I can't wait to see her reaction! As soon as I feel like she gets the grasp of it, I might end up working on those Voiced Comics for Members Only, so stay tuned!

As always, I hope you enjoyed it, there's always more to come! Like and Share on Facebook, and subscribe on YouTube!

#weekly #video #friday #archive

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