Video Friday 6 - Deniability - Extended

Thank you for becoming a Member and I hope you enjoy Cyborg Serum's first Extended video!

It's Video Friday once again! I had a little extra time, so I put a lot more effort into this one! Little time = lotsa effort, I'm not sure how that math adds up, but we ended up with this wonderful video! Not only is it longer than many of the other ones, I did half of it from scratch! Gad, whose name is pronounced much differently than you'd expect, is brand new!

I had alluded to the "talk with Upper Management", and here we are. Flashback! Darn you, Cookie! This one had been in the works for a couple weeks, and was always pushed back because of time constraints and the lack of confidence in my ability. Honestly... I've impressed myself and I feel like it's taken another step in the right direction! Who knows? We might be able to make episodes in the "near" future!

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