Video Friday 5 - The Butterspoon

It's not always about Cyborgs, nor is it about world domination... usually. Sometimes, the small problems are what we need to focus on. And... honestly... this is a problem that needed solving. And an invention that needs inventing.

For those of you keeping up... I uploaded on time! And with time to spare! I didn't get to create the video of me doing this video, but I didn't get too wacky with this one, so that's okay. I'm thinking I'll be doing a lot more with these videos fairly soon, but that remains to be seen.

On one hand, this is a quick, fun video that I could showcase what these two get up to. On the other hand, these shorter videos are coming easier and easier! That's pretty exciting. Although... Cookie needs some new looks.

In any case, thank you for watching! Don't forget to Like and Share Cyborg Serum on Facebook. And head over to YouTube to subscribe! If you're not a member, there are some members only videos already, and there will only be more in the future!

#weekly #friday #video #archive

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