VF4 - Decisions, Decisions

We make decisions every day! Those decisions can shape us... Literally! Quick-witted snarky-ness can't be weighed down. You gotta be... quick...

This Video Friday was a little impromptu, in that I didn't have enough time to continue the idea I had originally slated for VF4. That's fine, the video will still see the light of day, just when I have enough time to make it a reality. Last Video Friday taught me a few things, and I'm still getting those incorporated while dealing with the complications of day-to-day life.

For those of you watching, thank you for the views! Don't forget to head on over to YouTube and become a subscriber. Once I have more time, I'll be adding more YouTube specific videos to attract more subs, as it'll be necessary to grow Cyborg Serum. Thank you!

#video #friday #archive #weekly

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