VF3 - Shark Week

In honor of Shark Week, I present to you... uhh... Shark Week... Yay! I decided, spur of the moment, to do something fresh and new! Cyborg Serum is meant to be a little bit of fun with all sorts of things, not just scientists and cyborgs on repeat. I wanted to take a moment to showcase that.

Lesson learned.

Not that I don't appreciate the final product, but this is overdue. Yes, only a day, but not something that I would like to make any sort of habit out of. To be fair, there turned out to be technical difficulties when trying to export the video, and it's a learning curve for me, but I wasn't happy with the delay at all.

All in all, I apologize for the late post on Video "Friday", but here you go! Enjoy! I had fun doing the voices for this, and I'm looking forward to get to do a lot more.

#video #friday #archive #weekly

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