Original Sketches - 3

As with the previous comic, I feel like Grendel was best drawn here, in both iterations. There was just something that made it fun and easy to draw him and only him. I had to take his eccentric qualities and entertain with only that, which made for a slight challenge, but also could only enhance his character. Thus far, his character was nil, but I feel like I got to show off the idea of who Grendel is.

And then came Video Friday 1! I couldn't be more impressed with how that turned out. I had two days to bring it to life and didn't expect much more than half-assed animations behind half-assed voices. And while they might be, I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get enough practice in to nail out longer and longer clips with more and more animations.

Back to the point. This comic was about Grendel and how I envisioned him. I can honestly say that my carefree/eccentric side fully came to life here and I really let go. I can't wait to see where that leads all of us! There's 24 sketches, so everything after that is yet to be created!

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