Original Sketches - 2

I'm going to be honest... I think this is when I fell in love with what I was doing. These guys came to life in my heart right here. They're simplistic, yet definitive; Bizarre, yet grounded. Best of all... I think I drew them best right then and there. I like that they're squat and rounded. I've had to adjust them since, and I think it's a work-in-progress. We'll see how I grow and mature from here.

Amazingly, this comic ended up staying true to its original form, whereas I almost had to completely cut out Tetris in the updated comic. Things are a little more rectangular than I had anticipated, versus having to draw them in squares when I started. That might seem odd to have the change, but viewing situations have generally made it better for taller comics. We'll see if that's just my own terrible opinion or not.

Fun Fact: Iris was originally named Carnes; and Oni originally O'Neil. I felt they were a little too odd and didn't stick with them once I decided to launch the website.

#members #archive #sketches

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