State of the Serum - July 06, 2017

The website is up and running! We've gone a long way to getting this site going, from a dream once upon a time to a vague idea to a full-fledged business. With all the work of a business and none of the professionalism! "Grab my coffee! I want food! Feed me! Find my pants! Wife, you look absolutely fine in that... Yes... I promise." And so on and so forth.

Going forward, we're spending every waking minute working on setting up the rest of the website to standards, working on web content, and getting the store set up for both members and non-members. I'm excited to share some of the ideas I've always had in mind, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As far as the store goes, we're still coming up with ideas and still trying to find a place to fulfill purchases. There's a lot of work involved, let alone creating the actual content for the merchandise, but we're getting closer step by step. Hopefully in a week or two, we'll have a fully functional store up and running, and we've already got multiple ideas for Members Only store content!

I'll continue to update the State of the Serum continually, although I'm not sure how often that will be. I do know that I'll post whenever there is anything important, or if I haven't posted in a short amount of time.

I like to talk...

But with that said, we've done a lot of hard work--mostly stuff that was never clear in my head--and we're moving onto the things that should be a little easier to work through. If nothing else, it will be less of a headache to do the rest of it.

That's it for now! Thank you so much for reading and thank you so much for your support. I don't know if you'll ever understand how much it means to be able to do this, whether or not this becomes the next big thing. Have a great day!

- Will Bickford

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