The World of Atlas

Welcome to Sealers and, in reality, the world of Atlas! Sealers is a multitude of things. Originally it was an idea that bloomed into a book series. From there, it became an entire world of Atlas; and most recently it has become a card game! Exciting, isn't it? Tell me about it.


For now, though, it's really just in the works. Everything is being developed and written as we speak. (Metaphorically.) Honestly, I'm not quite satisfied that this is enough to, well, satisfy you. That's why I'm giving you a taste of what's to come. Get updates on the card game, artwork, and book as they become available. Right now, we're just at the beginning, but I hope you'll stick around for a long time to come.


Thanks for your time, and enjoy what there is to enjoy!

- Will Bickford